How to Measure your Penis: Erect Length and Girth

After measuring your flaccid penis length and girth, the next step is to record the length and girth of you erect size. All you have to do is obtain an erection and be prepared with a measuring device such as a flexible ruler, cloth ruler, a traditional ruler, or whatever suits your fancy. Like flaccid measurements, erect measurements must be accurate down to the millimeter. Don’t try to make yourself seem bigger by measuring more than you actually are. This will not only decrease your gains and also possibly discourage you while progressing during treatment. This guide will provides exemplary information about how to measure your penis while erect. Accordingly, you must follow through with your efforts and consistently take measurements until the end of treatment. This is a great way to stay motivated and encourage yourself!

Correctly and safely measuring your erect length and girth
Erect penis length is measured in a straight line either on the top side of your penis or along the side of your penis until the end of the penis (the glands aka head) is reached. An accurate measurement can be taken just above the penis or on either side of the penis. Choosing a side sometimes depends on which hand your are preferable of using.

Erect penis girth or the circumference also needs to be recorded. Some individuals have a penis that is long and skinny, while others may be short and plump. Guys who have the better portion of these qualities typically do not need to utilize penis enlargement exercises. Lucky for them, though there are still benefits for men who are satisfied with their size.

Use the instructions that are featured below to measure you penis while erect.

Erect Penis Length

  • To start, obviously you will need to stimulate an erection.
  • Keep you measurement tool near and ensure your penis is extended straight out in front of you or perpendicular to your body. (As close to perpendicular as possible)
  • Place the beginning tip of your measurement device at the base of your penis, or either the side or top so it is just touching the skin near the base of your penis.
  • Extend the ruler or whatever you are using to the end of your penis. (The head)
  • Take note of the measurement down to the millimeter if you can or an increment that you feel is suitable. (Lower increments are better)
  • Take a few measurements to double check your accuracy at first, as your erection size may vary. The state of your penis is effected by temperature, time of day, or recent sexual activity for example.

Erect Penis Girth

  • If you can sustain an erection long enough, document the circumference of your penis to. If not, wait until you are able to arouse yourself again.
  • We recommend using a flexible ruler or cloth ruler to measure your girth. Wrap the ruler around the center of your penis and make note of where the ruler touches the beginning point once it has been wrapped all the way around. Don’t measure at the largest or smallest portion of your girth.
  • Again, repeat the measurement to ensure an accurate recoding can be taken. Try a different measuring tool if you like and remember that your erect size will vary based on temperature, time of day, or recent sexual encounters.

Once you have completed the measurements of your penis while in a flaccid and erect state, your going to need lubricant to perform certain exercises, though this is entirely up to you. This is a key item and you will probably be unable to determine if you need to use it or not if you choose to use free penis exercises. A professionally oriented program may specify whether you need to use a lubricant or not. You can also contact the provider of exercises or search through their forum section if they have one.

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