The Penis Squeeze

Penis stretching is a specific exercise that expands the size of the girth, which involves a few practically effortless gestures and motions to perform. In particular, squeezing the penis, referred to as the “penis squeeze” targets and improves the appearance of the girth. Women generally prefer a penis with more volume over length, but both are better when combined. If you want a thicker erection when the time is appropriate, then, read on about the penis squeeze.

Like other penis exercises, the penis squeeze involves a series gestures that apply slight tension at the base of the penis by squeezing, trapping blood in the penis shaft as it circulates and becomes engorged, thus secluding a small portion of blood within the penis shaft for a short period of time, slowly expanding it.

Just to provide an example, this is a basic penis squeeze exercise.

Grasp the penis with your thumb and index finger near the base, closet to the body. Squeeze enough to were you feel blood surging within the penis, allowing it not to escape back to the rest of the body. Hold this position for at least 30 seconds. If the veins of your penis are slightly bulging, then you are performing the exercise correctly.

Girth exercises work better when your penis is in an erect state. It is also beneficial to know that penis pills can progress gains at a faster pace. Couple a procedure like this and a decent supply of enhancement pills and your ready to go if you have your facts squared away.