The Squeeze Technique

The Penis Squeeze technique involves many variations of exercises that “bend” the penis or rely on a slight squeezing gesture to force blood into the shaft. These exercises are very specific and require a great deal of expertise to perform safely and correctly. The squeeze technique expands the girth of the penis, helping create thicker, wider, and fuller erections.

Over a period of weeks, a slight difference in size will be noticeable, if of course you’re exercises are performed properly. We strongly urge you to use programs that feature the squeeze technique and bending exercises. The squeeze technique is great for men who want to add a few inches to their girth, but keep in mind, these are advanced exercises that have a high potential for harm if improperly used.

The Goals of Squeeze Techniques: (Intermediate and Advanced Exercises)

  • Girth Expansion
  • Lengthen Penis
  • Thicker Penis