The Jelq Exercise

The Jelq exercise, commonly referred to as “jelqing” or “milking” is one of the principle exercises used by many professionally developed penis enlargement exercise programs. This technique and its variants help improve circulation into the penis and expand the soft tissue comprising its internal structure.

This concept stretches interconnected tissue within the penis to its limit by forcing blood towards the glans (head), thus enhancing penile vascularity, ultimately enlarging the erected state of the penis. Once the penis is able to recover at a cellular level, permanent gains can be achieved.

Free jelqing exercises can easily be accessed in forums and on informational based web sites. These exercises are usually not composed or supported by any medical entity. Not only can this information be faulty, it can also be dangerous to perform any of these activities due to the lack of support and implemented safety concerns. Because this is one of the core penis exercises used today, it is important to practice jelqing properly and to monitor every workout session.

To perform a jelq exercise, the penis must first be conditioned and in a semi-erected state. Grasp the base of the penis with the index finger and thumb, forming the “ok,” sign, which traps blood currently circulating in the penis shaft. Slide the hand positioned at the base towards the head applying slight tension. The blood that has been forced into this section of the penis gradually expands the corpora cavernos and the surrounding tunica albuginea, providing thicker and bigger erections overtime.

This exercise if performed with both the left and right hand repeatedly until enough repetitions have been completed. Remember, this is only an example and should not be used to practice on yourself.

Using the jelq exercise and other stretching motions, the penis can gain multiple inches in length and girth. Specialized programs like Penis Health, feature the jelp exercise in beginner, intermediate, and advance variations. Penis exercise programs provide detailed instruction and guidance to help every practitioner perform the most effective exercises possible.